Himalayan mountain

The Sun emerges from behind the Panchchuli peaks of the Kumayun Himalaya. Kausani is at Uttarakhand, India.

My journey of traveling to India is began before the 4 years back, I wanna explore  the all entire India. In the busy life I get the break thought of exploring of India with my cousin’s home  which is located in Northwest of India known as the name of kausani, a small part of Uttrakhand. It have a full true beauty of nature,  famous for adventurous life style, fresh smell of flora and fauna.

yesterday I thought that I removed this picture from the this artical because it is not seen so attractive. Being a my first blog post on the travel so there should be something more attractive, charming, delicious, good looking post.after all it is my first blog post so why is it not special. off-course, it should be. When I was going to remove  this pic(above picture) from my  first blog  artical. There is thought is arising in mind like a god appears in today’s TV serials producing a sound like bllaaaah.. 🙂

the thought say that when i reached in kausani by traveling a long distance journey i literally feel tired so i decided to take a rest for today. so known what, I have a problem with my self. i m very lazy to leaving a bed early in the morning. so literally  i missed the beautiful sight of the early morning often.

So may be this image provides me a inspiration.


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